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As with risky investments in general, it’s never a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket. If you choose to invest in cryptocurrency, it could be better to spread your investment across a variety of different cryptos. But decentralized blockchain technology crypto volatility is still relatively new, and we’re still figuring out how to best use and regulate it. In the meantime, some criminals have been able to take advantage of the anonymity offered by crypto to scam users, who may have little recourse to reclaim their assets.

crypto volatility calculator

If a platform that exchanges or holds your crypto assets goes bankrupt, there’s a risk you could lose all your capital. Similarly, your assets could be at risk if an exchange holding your crypto is hacked by criminals. If you invest in cryptocurrency, you can mitigate the risk by not buying more than you can afford to lose. After an all-time high approaching more than $4,800 in November 2021, Ethereum is still down more than 60%, even after the cryptocurrency’s gains leading up to Wednesday morning. In options terms, “outside of the range” equates to the probability of an out-of-the-money strike moving in-the-money .

What is the most secure cryptocurrency?

High-risk investments like cryptocurrency can see tremendous price swings and extreme volatility, even compared with the tech-heavy Nasdaq, which is full of high-risk growth stocks. If a $100 stock has a 20% implied volatility, the one standard deviation range of price outcomes would be between $80 and $120 for the year. In finance, a beta coefficient is a tool used to measure the volatility of a certain asset in relation to the volatility of the overall market or a particular portfolio. In other terms, beta can be used to assess the risk of an investment in correlation to a benchmark, which can be represented by a broad market index or by a specific portfolio.

Think of any stock you like, and consider tracking how many times in a row it goes up in price, or down in price, for consecutive days. Over a large window of time, you’ll see that the vast majority of stock price movement would land in the one standard deviation range of outcomes. If we apply the concept of the beta coefficient to cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin could be used as the benchmark.

Is cryptocurrency safe—and how can you safely invest?

As a general rule, the safer online platforms tend to ask you to prove your identity, as they follow Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering guidelines. Choose an asset, recurring deposit amount, frequency of purchase, and start/end dates, and discover what your crypto holdings would have been using a DCA investment strategy. How much could your investment be worth if you had regularly bought a small amount of your favorite crypto?

crypto volatility calculator

If you want to trade BTC to EUR on a highly secure platform, CEX.IO can be a great choice. When the price of Bitcoin is going up significantly and we see price changes in one direction, the volatility rating bottoms out because the trend is predictable. When Bitcoin’s price sees rapid movement in either direction, the rating tops out because the trend is unpredictable. Based on this, we can assume with a very high confidence ( 70-80%) that the market is going to stay, within the range created from the BOT and TOP ATR points.

Calculating portfolio volatility

Understand that variance plays a big role in the short term, so we need to account for this by keeping our individual position risk small. Over a high number of trades though, we should expect our expected probabilities to align with real results. Finding the standard deviation of a stock can be cumbersome with the complexity of the Black-Scholes model, and these implied ranges are based on annual expected moves. In statistics, standard deviation is a unit of measurement that quantifies certain outcomes relative to the average outcome.

crypto volatility calculator

So one could calculate the beta for BNB or other altcoins in relation to Bitcoin’s price and volatility. Alternatively, Bitcoin’s volatility could be measured against gold or stock markets. The resulting beta would give insights into the correlation between Bitcoin and traditional financial markets. For instance, beta can be used to calculate an asset’s expected return on investment, according to its volatility in relation to the market. As such, beta is not used to measure the risk of investing in a particular asset alone.


CEX.IO offers a variety of products for trading, selling, and buying cryptocurrencies. What’s more, we offer services featuring multiple options to earn with crypto. Say, if you can see a significant trading volume during the uptrend, this usually means that many traders are likely to support the current movement.

  • Volatility represents the deviation of the price from the average price over a certain period of time.
  • Compared to other asset classes such as stocks and government bonds, investing in cryptocurrency can be considered very risky.
  • Over a high number of trades though, we should expect our expected probabilities to align with real results.
  • The Historical Volatility indicator is useful for predicting markets with high volatility.
  • The higher our number of occurrences are, the more our actual results will align with expectations.

A low rating on the HV indicator indicates that we’re in a stable market and a high rating means that we’re in a volatile market. The expected return is the amount of profit or loss an investor can anticipate receiving on an investment over time. On the bright side, high volatility means that experienced traders can make a nice profit from trading Bitcoin. As Bitcoin matures and becomes more mainstream, its price will rise and its volatility will decrease accordingly. The ultimate tools for crypto traders to maximize trading profits while minimizing risk and loss.

CVI to EUR Converter

In order to be a trader or investor that capitalizes on volatility, the timing of any trades must be perfect. Even a correct market call could end up losing money if the security’s wide price swings trigger either a stop-loss order or a margin call. If you choose to trade cryptocurrency on your phone, make sure you’re using a safe crypto exchange app with strong security features. Unfortunately, some apps are fake and may be used to steal your private keys, while poor security on others could leave you exposed to hacking attempts. Cryptos tend to be unstable investments, so don’t be surprised to see their value go up or down by very significant amounts. In fact, they’ve been known to rise and fall by double-digit percentages within the span of hours.

Volatility Index Calculator

Determine the difference between each price in the set and the average price. Correlations between bitcoin and rising copper prices reached seven-month highs. Institutional liquidity provider OrBit Markets suggests buying an ether volatility swap to profit from an expected increase in price turbulence after the Shanghai upgrade. Futures tied to Deribit’s bitcoin volatility index, DVOL, will go live at the end of March.

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